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Project Description

Established in 2001, the Israel Venture Network (IVN) is a venture philanthropy network of high-tech entrepreneurs, business executives, venture capitalists, corporations and philanthropists from Israel and the US.

Israel Venture Network is an impact investment organization, creating sustainable social change in Israel through breakthrough social enterprise programs and venture philanthropy.

Our Approach
By marrying business acumen & financing with high-impact social programs, we work towards the betterment of Israel’s social landscape. Our business acumen is derived from our membership – a network of dedicated business entrepreneurs and executives in Israel and the United States. IVN advances social change in three strategic realms: economic development, environment and education of underserved populations and regions.

IVN’s key strength has always been our member’s record of achievement in the business arena and our ability to identify social gaps and appropriate vehicles of change, as well as the optimal partners to reduce those gaps. By nurturing, developing and strengthening innovative pilots and programs, whether homegrown or pre-existing, IVN has enabled many of them to blossom, expand, replicate, and reach a point of sustained and scaled social impact, allowing IVN to move on to new ideas .

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